Assignment 15: Creating an Animated Graphic

1. Using Fireworks, begin by making at least 10 graphics that will be the frames (like cartoon / movie frames) for the graphic. Export them as an1, an2, an3....

The best way to do this is to make your main graphic, then move the graphic slightly and use export.

Notice how the words are moved slightly each time the graphic is saved >>>>>>>>

You can use words or pictures. You can get a lot of clip art here (

The image will play on a repeating loop. So you should make the last picture finish where the first one started.

2. Once the frames are made, choose file > Open (Still in Fireworks).

3. Click an1, then hit the shift key and click an10 or whatever is the last frame. This will highlight the files for all of your frames.






4. At the bottom, check the box for "Open as animation" then click "Open"

5. Go to File >> export preview. Change the format to "Animated GIF."

6. Hit "Export" and rename the file. This will be the name of the finished animated file.

7. Open nvu, choose insert > image and open the file you named in step 6.

8. Upload your page and graphic to view the animation.