Graphic Design Assignment 2: Gradients and Fill Patterns

1. Open Macromedia >> Fireworks 4

2. Go to file >> new and choose canvas size 800 X 600.

3. Go to file >> save as and save in your new folder as (your initials)gradients. The file type should be .png.

4. On the tool box click on the rectangle tool (4th down on left). (If the box is not there, go to window >> tools first)

5. Hold down the shift key and draw your rectangle 100 X 100. Holding the shift key keeps all sides the same.

6. Click on the square and then on window >> properties. Make sure the square is 100 X 100.

7. Click on the square and ctrl-c to make copies. Make 6 total squares. Now we are ready to use our 6 new functions:

Gradients / Linear Fill

8. Click on the first square and window >> fill. Choose linear. Pick two colors that blend well

Radial Fill

9. Click on the second square and window >> fill. Choose radial. Pick two new colors. Save your file then continue.


10. Click on the third square and window >> fill. Choose waves. Pick two new colors. Click on the handles to adjust the shape of the waves.

Preset Patterns

11. Click on the fourth square and window >> pattern. Scroll down to find a pattern you like.

Web Dither

12. Click on the fifth square and window >> Web Dither. Pick two colors that mix well.

Cone Fill

13. Click on the second square and window >> fill. Choose cone. Pick two new colors.


14. Finally, save your file and upload it to your account (website). Check that it shows up online by typing in http://(initils)


Your Result should look something like this.